Dirac Fermionic Optics

Details : Ever since its discovery, graphene has brought high-energy relativistic quantum mechanics into a low-energy condensed matter system. Remarkable relativistic behaviors of Dirac electrons of graphene, such as Klein tunneling, Veselago lensing with negative refraction (Fig. 3)[3], specular Andreev reflection, or quantum switching[4] have been demonstrated along with development of the fabrication technologies of layered materials. Taking advantage of its unique relativistic characters and electrostatic tunability, graphene in a ballistic regime has great potential to lead to novel Dirac-fermionic-optical quantum devices up to room temperature.

My Interests :

  1. Eneering point-like contacts  for mimicking scanning tunneling microscopy(STM) in quantum transport setup
  2. Bell’s inequality test of pseudospin entanglement in graphene, confinement of Dirac fermion, chaotic Dirac billiards, or caustics with negative refraction
  3. Combining Dirac-fermionic optics with superconductivity

Veselago lens

Fig.3 | Schematics of Veselago lens (left) and its scanning electron microscopy image with measurement configuration (right)

[3] Gil-Ho Lee et al.Nature Phys. 11, 925-929 (2015)
[4] Gil-Ho Lee et al.in preparation (2017)